The Main Event Returns to Main Street

There was a lot to celebrate at the Main Event Saturday, June 17.

Photo: Jim Lamont

Not only did this celebration bring the Main Event back to Main Street, offer families and neighbours a chance to get together, and spotlight a number of our community businesses and associations, but it was also the official reopening of Main Street.

Photo: Jim Lamont

On hand to mark the event were Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor David Chernushenko, Ottawa East Community Association President Phyllis Odenbach-Sutton, and Old Ottawa East Community Activities Group Chair Don Stephenson. Each spoke a few words, helped cut the official ribbon, and sliced the first few pieces of the celebratory cake.

Photo: Chris Bricker, City of Ottawa

Though the sky was cloudy, the rain stayed away for most of the event and a calm breeze made sure that everyone dancing to the music from the bands or making their way through the bouncy castle didn’t get too hot.

Photo: Jim Lamont

Other activities included the Main Street Farmers’ Market, arts and crafts, birdhouse and picket painting, in addition to tempting food trucks. The Old Ottawa East Community Association (OOECA) was also on hand to host their annual fundraising barbecue, providing fuel to give attendees the energy to participate from the start of the event at 10 a.m. to the end at 2:00 p.m.

Photos: Jim Lamont

While the Main Event is a grand celebration each year, more than a few attendees noted that being back on Main Street “just felt right” and that this year’s event was particularly well attended and successful.

Thank you to our event sponsors:

Thank you to the many volunteers who made the The Main Event possible:

The Stan Clark Orchestra and vocalists Leith Ross and Malcolm Wade, the Ralph Mercredi Quintet, Sheila White, Marie-Eve Noel, Todd Dunnett, Catherine Hooker, Ottawa Chinese Bible Church, Glen MacEachern, Ben Hebb, Aboozar Sheikhi, Rick McEachran, Charles Collin, Nicole Varshney, Laurie Greenwood, Carol Anne Owen, Nita Scherer, Marnie Tyerman, Ramine Shaw, Mieka Eyking, Chelsea Fulton, Tamsin Shoemaker, Declan Dunnett, Isla Dunnett, Nancy Fraser, Mike McCann, Mary Tran, Jim Lamont, SueEllen MacGowan, Heather Jarrett, Dave Macki, Suzanne Gagnon, Jim Fraser, Danielle Woods and Selena Arvai.

The OOECA thanks their BBQ Volunteers:
Andrew Power, Don Fugler, BJ Siekerski, Katherine Simmonds, Ellen Torvi, Mackenzie Buchanan, Glen Linder, Jocelyn Kearny, Tara Hogeterp, Suzanne Johnston, Ed Janes, David Chernushenko, John Dance, Yasir Naqvi, Wendy McRae, Sue Beattie, Alex Beattie, Dwayne Beattie, Phyllis Odenbach-Sutton, Christian Pupp, Jan D’Arcy, Abby Burns, Justin Hebert, Irene van Bavel, Barry Davis, Doug Woolidge, Phillippe Taylor.
The BBQ grossed $1,500 for the Old Ottawa East Community Association.

Photo: John Dance

Finally, we'd like to also thank our Executive Director, Carol Workun and Program Assistants, Megan Shoemaker and Isobel Smith for their work on the Main Event and all their great work on our behalf throughout the year.

CAG Board of Directors: Don Stephenson(Chair), Melanie Gilbert, Tina Raymond, Lynne Byford, Lisa Dunnett and Stacey Wowchuck.