Kindergarten After School Update

CAG recently ran a survey to determine child care needs for families with kindergarten-aged children in Old Ottawa East. This was undertaken in light of changes by the Government of Ontario to the Child Care Act that came into effect for the 2017-18 school year. The legislation requires after school care for kindergarten-aged children to be licensed.

CAG has applied for a license for Old Town Hall, however, we have been informed that the Brantwood Park fieldhouse does not meet licensing requirements.

Results from the survey showed that, while there is interest in daycare for this age group, there would not be sufficient registrations to support a program.

Furthermore, most of the families who expressed interest have children attending Hopewell Public School. We are unable to provide daycare at the Old Town Hall for Hopewell Public School, as transportation is not available to the Old Town Hall because it is out of boundary. Efforts to obtain an exception and extend bus services have proven unsuccessful as it has been determined that there are now sufficient daycare spaces within boundary.

A number of childcare options remain available to our families, and we invite you to visit the province of Ontario’s website for more information regarding these.

Supporting our families’ after school care needs continues to be a priority. In the long term, CAG looks forward to moving into a new facility where new daycare facilities are built to meet provincial regulations and as the community grows in size to meet registration minimums.

CAG continues to offer after school programming at both Old Town Hall and Brantwood Park fieldhouse for children who are six years or older and attend a feeder school. Spaces are currently available in both programs.

Thank you for your understanding.

Posted: December 19, 2018