Fall Festival 2017

Photos: Jim Lamont

Event day dawned wet and soggy but that did not deter this community! Attendance was great given the conditions, and feedback was that families were "thankful" to have the event running, even though conditions were less than ideal...

Decisions on rain dates cannot be made last minute - suppliers need to know the night before and volunteers appreciate advanced notice...  All that to say the decision to go ahead had to be made on Sunday night when the forecast was somewhat hopeful. That changed overnight and what we got was a steady rain throughout the event, but Old Ottawa East does not let a bit of rain ruin their fun! As advertised the fact the event was going ahead was posted on the front page of the CAG website. It was also sent out via Facebook and through the CAG Old Ottawa East eUpdate.

Families enjoyed facepainting, apple bobbing and pumpkin painting in the field house, Sula Wok came out with their Asian Taco wagon and the scheduled juggler adapted beautifully to indoor conditions, with not only the promised juggling but puppets and magic tricks too - the kids were enthralled!

It is our hope to schedule for another date the bouncy castle and petting zoo that could not set up in the weather conditions that prevailed on the day.

A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported event. Thank you also to our intrepid volunteers for making this event such a resounding success:
Lisa and Todd Dunnett, Catherine Hooker, Ana Genio, Selena Arvai, Rhonda Walker-Sisttie, Tasmin Clunis, Anne Theresa, Fiona Clark, Jim & Marina Lamont, Carol Anne Owen, Dan Byrne
Zane Shepperd, Chaz Davies, Ben Hebb, Beth Cooper, Laurie Greenwood, Kathy Cook, Maureen Ward, Ramine Shaw, Marie-Eve Noel, Suzanne Gagnon, Heather Jarrett, Jim Fraser, Dave Macki, Stacey Wowchuck, Lynne Byford and Tina Raymond.

CAG gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa for the Fall Festival.

CAG would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Community Partners for year round support of CAG activities: City of Ottawa, The Regional Group - Greystone Village, Domicile - Corners on Main, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, BMO - Lansdowne, Watsons Health and Wellness, The Green Door Restaurant, Diane & Jen Realty.

And thank you to Jim Lamont for the following event photographs, enjoy..