Wanted: Snow Moles in Old Ottawa East

By Dianne Breton & Peggy Edwards, The Council on Aging of Ottawa

Snow Moles are volunteers who report on what it's like to walk outside on a winter day, by completing a one-page questionnaire and returning it to a community contact. The Snow Mole initiative is led by the Council on Aging of Ottawa's Age-Friendly program.

Our Almost Complete “Complete Street”

By John Dance

Last Wednesday, as scheduled, Main Street again became a two-way route after almost two years of reconstruction. But it sure looks different and works differently than when construction started back in 2015.

More work will be done over the next few weeks and almost all of the construction will be done until the spring.

Youth Opportunities at CAG

By Isobel Smith

Although CAG primarily offers programs to children and to adults, it is also provides opportunities for youth (and young adults!) in the forms of volunteer and employment opportunities. The after-school and camp programs hire many high school and university students.

I started working for CAG in June 2015 for summer camp, shortly after moving to OOE in May of that year. Working in that capacity helped me to notice many the wonderful things about the neighborhood, and to get to know families in the area.

Should Lady Evelyn Have A French Immersion Option?

By Shawn Menard

Over the course of my time as Trustee, I have heard from different voices in Old Ottawa East that they would like to see French Immersion at Lady Evelyn. As many will know, Lady Evelyn is an 'alternative school'. This means that the school is based on student-centered learning and provides students opportunities to meet Ministry expectations with flexibility to allow greater concentration in areas of their own interest and aptitudes.

Women’s Ultimate at Springhurst Park

By Susan Redding

Old Ottawa East welcomed a new sports league this summer. Organized through the Community Activities Group, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee enjoyed a successful first season. Approximately 50 players, organized into four teams, competed on Thursday evenings at Springhurst Park from early May to late August. The league welcomed everyone from beginners to former national-caliber players and featured a broad range of age groups.

“SLOE 3” - The Next Wave of Green Transformation


So what’s next for SLOE - how can Sustainable Living Ottawa East launch a third wave of transformative “green” projects in Old Ottawa East and what are key possibilities?

Main-ly Safely Navigating

By John Dance

Main Street is all so new with zigzags, elephant feet, shark teeth, bike boxes and sharrows. The new street markings present an educational challenge for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians but improved safety and comfort for all users will make it all worth it.

With September’s opening of the rebuilt Main Street from the Queensway bridge to Clegg Street, the many changes seem at first a little daunting. Just what’s meant with all that green paint and weird symbols?

Mornings on the Dock

By Kaeli Van Regan

Sitting down on the dock at the end of Clegg Street at 7:00 am this summer was quite a peaceful place to be. Mostly the dock was empty so I rolled out my yoga mat. Some days it was already being used and this filled my heart even more. It was so delightful to see all those from around the neighbourhood enjoying this precious time of day.

There was always the dogs who would explore the edge of the river or even hop in for a morning dip and their kind owners who no doubt have their pets to thank for getting them up for this early morning experience.

Brantwood Park: The Hidden Countryside in Old Ottawa East

By Jamie Brougham

Brantwood Park is beautiful niche of countryside in Ottawa, and provides us with the opportunity to get in touch with nature, ourselves, and our families.

Main Farmers Market to return to Main Street in 2017

The Main Farmers Market is to return to Main Street for the 2017 season! Vendors will set up shop next May in the parking lot next to Singing Pebbles Books, across the street from their previous location at Saint Paul University. Ron Farmer, co-owner of the Green Door restaurant and long time supporter of local producers, has offered to host the market in the parking lot at 210 Main. "The market has been a great asset to our community and I am happy to do what I can to support it", Farmer said.


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